Yitci's Story

Patient Stories
Posted 3/21/2013

Beautiful 3-year-old Yitci immediately caught our eye on screening day during the recent medical mission in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Her father, Francisco, earns a living for their family of five by farming beans and corn an hour's walk from their home for about 60 lempiras, or $3, per day.

Unfortunately, work isn't always steady, so Francisco had to borrow 500 lempiras, roughly $25, for Yitci and her mother Rosibel to make the 2.5 hour bus ride from their hometown of Ojojona to Tegucigalpa in hopes of being selected for surgery.

Francisco and Rosibel had sought treatment for Yitci’s cleft lip soon after she was born, but were told she was too young at the time.

Due to their limited resources, this is the first time in almost three years that they were able to try again.

When we asked Rosibel what her dreams were for Yitci’s future surgery, she broke down in tears and said a lifetime of happiness.

Yiti was one of 130 children to receive surgery in Tegucigalpa during the surgical mission, changing her life forever.