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Amman, Jordan Medical Mission

Nov 10 – 14 2016
Amman Medical Mission
Medical Missions

From November 10 through 14, Operation Smile conducted a local medical mission in Amman, Jordan. During the medical mission, 113 people received patient assessments and 37 received surgery.

Since 2000, Operation Smile has conducted more than 30 medical programs in six cities in Jordan, including Amman and Irbid. In addition to caring for Jordanian patients, Operation Smile has provided surgical care to Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian children in Jordan. Operation Smile also runs a permanent center, located in Amman, which provides year-round surgical care, medical evaluations, speech therapy and life support training. 

Operation Smile's global volunteer network includes more than 55 Jordanian medical professionals, as well as hundreds of non-medical volunteers who donate their time in Jordan and around the world. Over the past 15 years, Operation Smile has provided medical care to more than 2,600 patients in Jordan.


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