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Tamatave, Madagascar medical mission

Sep 10 – 20 2014
Tamatave medical mission
Medical Missions

Operation Smile conducted a medical mission in Tamatave, Madagascar. Operation Smile medical volunteers provided healthcare assessments to 156 patients and provided 119 surgeries at the Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona Hospital. Our team included 60 volunteers from 11 countries. This mission was Operation Smile's tenth medical mission in Madagascar. 

Fanevasoa and his father, Naina
during the post-operative assessment
in Antananarivo

Two days before the start of the mission in Tamatave, Operation Smile held an extended post-operative assessment in the capital of Antananarivo. During this assessment, our team met families whose lives were changed during prior missions in Antananarivo. One of the patients was a little boy named Fanevasoa, a 14-month-old with a bright and contagious smile. His bilateral cleft lip was repaired by Operation Smile in April 2014. His family traveled three hours from Antsirabe to ensure that Fanevasoa would receive the care he needed in April, and they returned again for this check-up.

Fanevasoa was 9 months old when he received surgery for his cleft lip. At that time, he was still too young to receive the surgery on his palate, but at 14 months, he was now eligible to have his palate fixed. Since his lip was repaired, his father noted that feeding him was easier, and that he had put on a healthy amount of weight. His father heard about the mission in Tamatave, and planned to travel more than 11 hours to the mission site with Fanevasoa in hopes of having his son’s palate repaired.

Following the post-operative assessment, they made the journey to Tamatave in order to attend the mission. Fanevasoa went to the screening and was selected to receive surgery. After surgery, Fanevasoa experienced a smooth recovery. We know that his life will be forever changed thanks to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.

Take a look at the gallery below to see inspiring photos from this medical mission in Tamatave.

A family walks from their home to the nearest hospital where they can find information about Operation Smile and transportation to take them to the medical mission in Tamatave. The walk takes three hours over rough terrain and rivers. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Dest and Rosoa hold their daughters. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Nambina, age 2, and Vaviroa, age 6, stand in the doorway of their house. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Vaviroa plays while at the Tamatave Hospital for Operation Smile's 2014 medical mission in Madagascar. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Patients wait to hear if the have been selected for surgery on the third day of Operations Smile's 2014 mission to Tamatave. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Simonette, age 3, on the first day of screening during Operations Smile's 2014 mission to Tamatave. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

A woman waits with a young infant during the first day of screening on Operations Smile's 2014 medical mission to Tamatave. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Randriamanarivo Jerio with mother Veronique with a patient imaging technician during the screening process in Tamatave, Madagascar. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

OR Nurse Linda Scira from the United States during the second day of screening in Tamatave. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Miora, age 9, who received surgery in 2007, is checked in for a follow-up surgery on day three of Operations Smile's 2014 mission to Tamatave. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Patients singing with Zack, a Peace Corps volunteer, at the shelter before heading to the hospital for surgery. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Simonette, age 3, on the third day of Operations Smile's medical mission to Tamatave, Madagascar. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Anaesthesiologist Gunilla Loof from Sweden and Vaviroa during the first day of screening at the Tamatave Hospital. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Anaesthesiologist Resident Mohamed Raiman provides a patient a healthcare assessment during the first day of the screening process in Tamatave, Madagascar. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Pre- and Post-Op Nurse Deborah Hermes, from the United States, leads patients to the child life area on the first day of surgery at Tamatave Hospital. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Anesthesiologist Juliet Hull, from the United Kingdom, leads patient Adrianna to the operating room on the first day of surgery in Tamatave, Madagascar. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Plastic Surgeons Petra Peterson and Jan Liga from Sweden on the first day surgery during Operations Smile's 2014 mission to Tamatave. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

Recovery Room Nurse Alyssa Petersen, from the United States, with a returning patient following surgery on his cleft palette. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)


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