A COVID-19 Update from Bill and Kathy: Behind the Smiles S2 Ep. 5

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A COVID-19 Update from Bill and Kathy | Behind the Smiles S2 Ep5

“I think that we can be an example to our world right now,” our CEO and co-founder Dr. Bill Magee said. “We can say, ‘If we work together to help these children,’ we’ll be a positive influence for our world and maybe bring it together in a more positive way.”

COVID-19 caused us to shut down our medical programs, but in places like Vietnam and Italy, we’re slowly reopening and following all health protocols to ensure the safety of our patients, volunteers and partners. Watch Bill and our president and co-founder Kathy Magee discuss the importance of continuing our mission to help children around the world affected by cleft as #BehindTheSmiles returns in this special edition.